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Here in HippieTown USA, we believe in giving our customers a fun, relaxing environment to visit. We're not your average smoke shop, and our merchandise reflects that. We pride ourselves on our custom glasswork, colorful clothing and natural products.

Visit our Glass page to learn more about our custom glasswork. Once you're ready to visit, you'll be sure to find a piece you love. Give us a call today 337-408-8528!

Everything you need to bring out your inner hippie

HippieTown USA offers a variety of products to suit your hippie lifestyle. We want you to feel happy and healthy after visiting HippieTown USA, so we'll help you find just the right merchandise for your needs. In our shop, you can find:

  • Epic Smells fragrance oils, made by a local business
  • Detoxes, including herbal stinger cleansers
  • Custom glasswork, including pieces you won't find anywhere else
  • Clothing and accessories, to bring Hippietown USA with you wherever you go

  • HippieTown USA

    3212 Johnston Street
    Lafayette, LA 70503


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